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Have you ever seen a southwestern style home and absolutely loved it? Or, are you tired of your house being so vertical and horizontal and want to soften it’s look? Many people do not like the look of siding, stone, or brick. Many people also love the insulating affects of having stucco installed. Whether you need your stucco installed or repaired, you can call us and we will help you get in touch with the right professionals for the job.

Installing Stucco

You may be confused about how stucco can be installed in your home. After all, you have a brick or siding exterior surface at the moment. Installing stucco involves putting down a mesh made of metal and applying the stucco substance over the top. You can use either synthetic stucco, or natural stucco. Synthetic stucco is great because a variety of colors can be applied. Natural stucco requires applying lyme or whitewash and applying house paint over it. We’re here to help you to install stucco on any surface of your home. Just give us a call and we will put you in touch with the right professionals.

Natural Stucco

Stucco is one of the oldest building materials used in human civilization. It’s architecture originates in the Middle East and can be found in most areas of the world that are desert like because of the lack of trees in the area. Stucco is also a great way to stay nice and cool without air conditioning in these climates.

With a little experience, almost anyone can make a basic stucco structure. Stucco is basically a matrix of mud and plant fibers and is easy to make. It is mixed with water and applied as a cement. It can be molded to a wall and poured using boards as scaffolding. Modern installation commonly incorporates wire mesh and also uses preventative measures to ensure the inside of the home is watertight. Natural stucco is not advised for use in areas that will experience a lot of water contact because of erosion issues.

Synthetic Stucco

There have been many reports about problems with synthetic stucco. Because Michigan is a high moisture area, a synthetic stucco has been a natural choice. Traditionally, stucco does well in an environment that is a arid and like the desert. In moisture climates, machel stucco is more likely to decay and crack. Synthetic stucco offers a lot of water protection but is not installed correctly can lead to mold problems. That’s why we’re dedicated to introducing you to only the best and the business that fully understand how poor installation can cause serious health risks.

Stucco Repair

From time to time, even the most well maintained stucco will need repair. Natural or synthetic stucco can still develop cracks and will need to be checked for moisture buildup behind the walls. When we come to repair your stucco, we can help you to find solutions to ensure that you do not need repeat repair work. Some of our customers find a very helpful to install copper features around key problem corners. Let us help you with all your repairs and maintenance for your beautiful stucco walls. We can also help you when it’s time for repainting.