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Exterior Trim

Do you need to brighten up the outside of your home? Are you tired of looking at a home that seems like it’s trapped in the dark ages? You may have been referred by realtor to add exterior trim to your home to increase its resale value. Whether you need your exterior trim repaired after a storm or installed to increase the appraisal value, we’re here to help you to find professionals that you needed.

Exterior Trim Repair

Has wintertime turned the exterior of your home into a war zone? Often, the main victims are exterior trim. Icicles can hang on the trim for months on end and an extra weight in pressure it does not need. You can also and up damaging tram by trying to remove icicles yourself. Whether it’s from storm damage, or it’s just time for new paint job, we’re here to help you to find a professional that is right for all your trim repair needs.

Stone Accents

Today, there are so many options for adding stone trim to your home. Cultured and stone veneers make it possible to add lightweight stone around windows and on the corners of homes. With these possibilities, you can create looks but add value to your home and also dazzle the neighbors.

Metal Accents

You can dramatically change the style of your home just by adding metal features and accents as trim. Styles defined by wrought iron are common in Mediterranean cultures and New Orleans style Garden District homes. Metal accents can also add needed security protection to the home. Another common metal accent used as trim is to recreate the look of the Victorian Era and is perfect for many historical homes in Western Michigan.

Stained Glass

Exterior trim is not just limited to siding. It also includes decorative windows. Stained glass it is a trend that is becoming more and more popular in the past 10 years. Having a local artist create a beautiful piece of artwork for your home improves its value and architectural beauty significantly.

However, you will often need professional installation of stained glass to ensure that no leaks form and that the wait is distributed properly in its new frame. We can help you with these beautiful pieces of artwork. Just give us a call!

Hand Crafted and Crown Molding

In order to preserve historic homes, it is often necessary to take down hand carved molding and other trim features and have them reproduced. We understand that these unique features take extra special care to be handled correctly. That is why we only refer to you prescreened master craftsmen that are known for quality work.

We will also help you to clean and reclaim any outside features that may have become blurred overtime because of repeated over painting. For this process, it is common to employ pressure washing to remove the old paint. When we’re finished, we can repaint the wooden plaques to reveal there are regional beauty.