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Brick or Stone Siding

Installing brick or stone siding is a great way to increase the property values of your home. No wonder, it is beautiful and something that almost everyone loves. If you want a home that is easy to sell, having brick or stone features added to the lower half of the wall are the way to go. Installing or repairing brick and stone siding is a common request and we’re here to help you find exactly who you want for your process.

Repairing Brick and Stone

Brick and stone are traditionally cemented together with some sort of matrix. Over time, that matrix can erode. If you’ve ever seen a brick wall that is leaning or stonewall that is crumbling, it is most commonly the result of an old matrix. From projects big to small, we’re here to help you to repair brick and stone walls.

We can also resurface any brick home no matter the age. This involves partially removing the matrix from the outside and refilling the cracks. Not only will it significantly improve the integrity of the walls, it also ensures that you’ll have beautiful exterior walls for decades to come. It’s a tough job, but we’re happy to be here to do it!

Faux Wood

One of the most interesting applications of stone over the past few years has been faux wood. This mostly involves taking techniques from making stone sculptures and applying them to create a decorative and practical piece. Faux wood is actually stone that is carved to look like wood. The end result is impressive and often hard to detect. It is a great way to have a giant wood beam that you don’t have to worry about rotting. Having faux wood installed can either be a small project or large one involving a crane. The matter what your desire, we’re here to help you to find the professionals to do the job.

Veneer and Trimming

Do you want the look of stone but hardly have the money to pay for it? A popular application of stone is to use a stone veneer in a matrix. Instead of having a large piece of stone on the exterior of your home, a thin slice is placed there instead. Most people do not notice the difference and it is also helpful if your exterior walls cannot handle the weight of large stones.

Cultured Stone

For many people, they’ll of stone, but they don’t like how expensive it can be. They may have their hearts set on having a driveway or exterior retaining wall paved with creek stones. However, the price is just too much. If you left the color of a particular kind of stone, you can have a cultured stone installed. It is prefabricated stone and is often lighter than traditional stone. The end result is beauty and charm for a lower price. Our professionals will help you to install whatever cultured stone and help you in the selection process.