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Aluminum Siding

Are you tired of finding out year after year that your wood siding needs to be replaced? If you’re tired of rotting exteriors, it’s time for a new solution. Aluminum siding is a popular choice for many people because of its durability and ability to withstand rot. It is also a good look for historical homes. We can help you to find professionals they can help you with installing or repairing aluminum siding.

Installing Aluminum Siding

Because it is an American housing classic, aluminum siding is welcomed in almost any neighborhood. It is also very beautiful next to brick, stone, and natural wood. Siding is easy to maintain and also easy to clean with just a water hose. Having your aluminum siding installed correctly is important. Poor installation will lead to leaks and will also give you an uneven appearance. We can help you to find the right professionals for the job. We can help you with all of your aluminum siding install needs.

Color and Aluminum Siding

There are many colors to choose from with aluminum siding. You can choose alternate colors for trim to create a San Francisco “painted lady” look. You’ll be shown samples are asked to choose a color beforehand. The reason for this, is because aluminum siding color is baked on to the siding itself. This ensures durability and long lasting fade resistant color. Be sure to include any alternate colors you may want for aluminum siding trim.

Flashing and Trim Repair

For many people, especially after a storm, aluminum flashing and trim can take a beating. We can help you to mend the site and replace it with complimentary colors until your new siding arrives. We can also help you to install many beautiful decorative trims. Many of our customers also want to add a historical features such as weather vanes and stained glass. Our professionals will help you to restore your flashing and trim to its original splendor.

Bumpers and Awnings

For many people, their parking space bumps right up next to the home. It doesn’t take long for some people to start unraveling their aluminum siding with the front end of their cars. We can come out and help you with this problem by installing bumper protection.

While we’re there, we can also help you to install aluminum awnings. Awnings are a common at on service because the structure of the aluminum facilitates awnings very easily. We can also help you to install any trends or embellishments that you may want to use in addition to your aluminum siding.

Aluminum Siding And Heat

If you have ever seen melted vinyl siding, then you know that it is not good for install everywhere. Because it is more heat resistant, aluminum siding is a natural choice for many outdoor areas. It can be used in areas that are close to your grill or other over heated areas. It is a natural choice in place of vinyl siding for its fire resistance.